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As a consequence of an unsuitable design of a telecontrol network, single node or link failures can provoke unacceptable availability losses in distant nodes that used the broken down components for the communications with its RFE (Remote Front End) concentrator. The telecontrol network must configure, at least, a couple of reliable disjoint routes in such a way that the expected unavailability time per year is minimized.

In order to configure such a robust network, two main issues must be addressed: firts, the estimation of the expected failure times of the network components (nodes and links); second, the search of the best pair of disjoint routes for each source node. For the first task, a set of historical data (with detailed information about failures in the network during several years in the past) we used as the inputs for a prediction model base on Support Vector Machines (SVM). For the second task, a specific graph optimization algorithm was designed.