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Our group

The Information Management and Processing Group  (G2PI) belongs to the Department of Signal Theory and Communications of Carlos III University of Madrid. Our group credited experience of over 15 years in R & D, innovation and technology transfer in the field of machine learning and its applications to analysis and information processing.

The group's history includes numerous research projects with public funds and in collaboration with companies from various sectors in data processing. It has provided technology solutions in various applications of data mining, such as classification of texts for banking applications, event detection in sports broadcasting, and sensor network management. Currently, our group does research in data analysis for medical applications, particularly neuroimaging.

The scientific production of the group is large, with an h index greater than 30 according to Google Citations. The group has published research articles in international scientific journals most related to signal processing, neural networks and pattern recognition, and neuroimaging comnicaciones, among others.

The G2PI has about 15 doctors, including several professors and university lecturers, who teach in the Department of Signal Theory and Communications in the degrees of Telecommunications Technical Engineering, Communications Systems Engineering, Audiovisual Systems Engineering, Telematics Engineering and the Master in Multimedia and Communications.

The group participates in the department's high performance computation farm. This farm has 1024 computation nodes, and has a computational power over 15 Tflops, a centralized storage  capacity of 40 TB and a distributed storage capacity higher than 60 TB, making it one of the most competitive supercomputing centers for research and development at national and international level.