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Research lines

Data science

Data science

Signal processing

Acoustic Echo Cancellation

The group has a solid experience in techniques for statistical signal processing and time series analysis. Apart from our background with classic tools such as ARMA models, array beamforming, or adaptive filters, we have actively developed in the recent years new algorithms based on state-of-the-art kernel and Bayesian learning.  Among other applications, we have successfully applied our designs in acoustics, communications, forecasting, and distributed estimation in wireless networks.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is one of the backbones that articulates the research activities of the G2PI. Since the foundation of the group, we have been a reference in Spain as early adopters and developers of cutting edge machine learning technologies, such as neural networks in the early 90's, kernel methods (SVMs, Gaussian Processes, Spectral clustering) since the late 90's, boosting and ensembles of committees since the early 2000s and the current bayesian inference methods and multivariate analysis.


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