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Magnetic Resonance Imaging

The group does research in  machine learning applications in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the human brain, particularly in spectroscopic, structural and functional MRI. In particular, the group develops techniques for detection and characterization of mental disorders and techniques for functional brain mapping different from standard SPM.


Sensor Networks

Our research in sensor networks is focused on providing Sensor Networks advanced capabilities to make autonomous and intelligent decisions. Our work is centered on the optimization of the energy resources of nodes and also on the problem of optimizing overall network performance even though sensor nodes make their own decisions based on local information.



We have applied advanced probabilistic inference and graph optimization algorithms to estimate the reliability of routes in the telecontrol network for a big company in the electric sector. Our optimization algorithms allowed to configure a reliable double route from each source node to its Remote Front End (RFE) Concentrator, in order to maximize the overal availability of the network nodes, making the network robust to failures of nodes or links.


Multimedia content analysis

We have experience in learning applications dealing with text, audio, and video data. In particular, together with leading companies in the sector, we have applied our designs to music genre recognition, semantic video analysis, or event detection in sport videos. We have also built video recommender systems based on collaborative filtering techniques.


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